Fitness Focus

The Saddlebrook Academy performance training program is committed to developing the complete athlete, whether they’re a golfer or tennis player. Our systematic approach includes mental conditioning, in addition to fitness and technique training. We believe a player must work to strengthen their emotional stability and have the ability to maintain, no matter the circumstances, a confident and winning attitude.  

Fitness Themes

Our holistic approach to fitness training includes a variety of themes to focus on the complete athlete. We work on movement, strength, power, conditioning, nutrition, suppleness, prehabilitation and regeneration to provide a foundation for success in golf and tennis.  

Specialized Training

Periodic evaluations are administered to ensure that the student-athlete’s desired goals are realized. For athletes desiring additional performance training, we offer elite training packages with the performance coaches. These packages are designed to meet the individual needs of each athlete. Student-athletes may also utilize our fully equipped fitness center after program hours. 

Chris May

Director of Sports Performance

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