Language Learners

Supporting Our Language Learners

The importance of rigorous and continuing English language acquisition is of the highest academic priority for the student-athletes at Saddlebrook Preparatory. The ability to speak, write and read at grade level is critical to student-athlete success in all academic content areas. Students in ESOL classes will benefit from a content-based approach to lesson planning and delivery.  Language and content instruction are integrated so that students develop academic knowledge and skills in content areas at the same time they develop their language skills. In this class, students will have the opportunity to ask questions they might not want to ask in other places and to practice their English in a safe setting. 

Level 1

Students will learn to organize information and ask simple questions related to survival needs and simple social interchanges with some control of basic grammar, intonation and pace. Students will also listen actively and demonstrate comprehension of simple conversations, as well as use reading strategies that include previewing, viewing, and predicting. By the end of this course, students will be able to produce simple written texts or messages that are organized as well as present information using complete sentences with basic grammar structures and correct punctuation. 

Level 2

Students will learn to express basic needs and engage in social conversations in an organized way. Conversations can include limited descriptions, concrete terms and more complex grammar structures (passive voice, conditional). Students will also use listening strategies when participating in a conversation or completing a simple task, and will be able to understand learned and new phrases in a familiar context. They will use reading strategies and context clues to comprehend and analyze clearly organized texts, as well as reflect on the meaning of the text. By the end of this course, students will organize, convey and revise ideas into simple paragraphs in familiar contexts with control of basic grammar structure, spelling and punctuation. 

Level 3

Students will organize thoughts and converse on a variety of day-to-day subjects with firm control of basic grammar while expressing thoughts creatively. They will also comprehend conversations supported by repeating, restating and adjusting rate of speech and can incorporate information from listening with prior knowledge. They will read narrative prose and descriptive essays and analyze the meaning or purpose, and use appropriate reading strategies, context clues and inference skills. By the end of this course, students will produce well-developed, descriptive and narrative paragraphs using basic punctuation as well as basic and complex grammar structures.