Course of Study

Course of Study

Saddlebrook Preparatory students have access to all necessary courses to meet Florida state graduation requirements. Academic counselors are available for course planning as well as college planning. All major fields of study are offered, including language arts, math, history and science, as well as a wide range of electives. 

Florida State Graduation Requirements

Students are required to take 4 credits each of English/language arts and mathematics, 3 credits each of science and social studies and 2 credits of a foreign language. Honors and AP classes are available for most courses.

Recommended Course of Study

Students are required to take 24 credits of classes in order to graduate. This equates to English, Algebra I or Geometry, Physical Science, Computer Applications, an elective, Sports/Fitness in 9th grade; English, Geometry or Algebra II, Biology, World History, a foreign language, Sports/Fitness in 10th grade; English, Algebra II or Precalculus, Chemistry, US History, a foreign language, Sports/Fitness in 11th grade; and English, Precalculus, Calculus or Advanced Topics, American Government and Economics; two electives, Sports/Fitness in 12th grade.  


To broaden our students’ educational experience, we offer a number of electives. Language Arts electives include SAT Prep, Contemporary Literature, Creative Writing, Sports Literature, Humanities and Journalism. Practical Arts electives include Computer Applications, Digital Media, Photography and Sports Marketing. Science electives rotate from year to year and may include Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, Marine Biology and Physics. Language Learner electives are available for elementary, middle and high schoolers. 

Learning Management System

Click here to access our Learning Managment System. This system elevates the education experience by keeping you connected to your students’ school, their activities, and their educational progress. Use our online portal to access the latest information for students and parents alike.   

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