Student Life

What to Expect at Saddlebrook Prep

Saddlebrook students can expect a variety of fun, community-building events and celebrations throughout the year.  

The House Cup

Saddlebrook’s house system was created in 2016 to strengthen the bonds of the student body through a year-long competition. Students receive points throughout the year for outstanding grades, achievements and victories during the Saddlebrookathon competition. The competition culminates with the awarding of the Cup to the victorious house.

Every house includes students from each grade-level, so elementary students have the opportunity to interact with our older students on a regular basis outside of their sport. The four houses (Palmer, Nicklaus, Laver and Federer) are named after golf and tennis legends who were not only great on their fields of competition, but have also been widely recognized as outstanding individuals who have had a significant impact on the world.

Spirit Week and Saddlebrookathon

One of the major components of the House Cup is the Saddlebrookathon competition that takes place during February or March each year. For the first four days of the spirit week, students dress up according to each day’s theme and take part in mid-morning games. On Friday, all of the students and faculty, decked out in their house colors, file out to the athletic fields for a full day of competition with the week’s champion taking the Spartan helmet.

Fun Run

As a fundraiser for Saddlebrook Prep’s prom, the Student Council organizes a themed 1- to 2-mile (1.2- to 1.8-km) run on the resort and school grounds. Students and families are invited to participate and earn points for their house. After the run, the school administration puts on a cookout and organizes games for all of the participants.