Advanced Placement

AP Classes and Planning

The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program enables willing and academically prepared students to pursue college level studies while still in high school. Students that are enrolled in AP courses have opportunities to earn college credit and/or advanced placement once they begin their higher education programs. Through AP courses, in 38 subjects, students learn to think critically, construct solid arguments, and see many sides of an issue-skills that prepare them for college and beyond. An AP exam is administered in each course taken in May of the school year.  

Why AP?

Taking AP courses demonstrates to college admission officers that students have sought the most challenging curriculum available to them. Each AP teacher’s syllabus is evaluated and approved by faculty from some of the nation’s leading colleges and universities, and AP exams are developed and scored by college faculty and experienced AP teachers. Most four-year colleges and universities in the United States grant credit, advanced placement, or both on the basis of successful AP exam scores.  

College Credit

It is important that a student checks how a higher-education institution accepts scores for AP courses. Each institution posts that information on its website. In addition, if a student wishes to enroll in an AP course that is not offered at the high school in which they attend, the student may inquire about enrolling in the AP course in an online setting (Florida Virtual School). 

AP Scores

AP courses are scored on a scale of 1-5. Students generally receive three to six college credits for a 5 score, which ranks as extremely well qualified for that course at the college level. They generally receive three college credits for a 4 score, which ranks as very qualified for that course at the college level. A 3 score typically translates to three college credits and ranks as qualified for that course at the college level. No credit is earned for a 2 score (possibly qualified) or a 1 score (no recommendation).