High School

Saddlebrook Prep High School

Students from all over the world make friends for life as they study and train in world-class golf and tennis programs at Saddlebrook Preparatory School and Saddlebrook Sports Academy. Our secure, gated college prep school offers a multicultural learning environment for students from a variety of different countries. Saddlebrook Preparatory School provides a rigorous curriculum with a variety of educational opportunities and experiences that prepare our students for the challenges of collegiate studies. Saddlebrook Preparatory has dual accreditation from Florida Council of Independent Schools & Cognia.

Educational Opportunities

Saddlebrook Preparatory School provides a rigorous curriculum with a variety of educational opportunities and experiences that prepare our students for the challenges of collegiate studies. The three keys of our High School curriculum are academics, athletics, and character development. We believe that each key is necessary for our students to unlock their fullest potential. Our programs offer challenging scholastic studies, uncompromising athletic training, and empowering character development to ensure that our students are thoroughly prepared to take significant steps into their futures.

Saddlebrook Prep Difference

We offer a dual-accredited college preparatory school for students from 3rd Grade to 12th Grade, as well as for post-graduates interested in continuing or refining their studies. Students study in traditional subject areas including English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science, as well as in a variety of elective areas. In addition, we also offer classes in ESOL, for SAT and ACT preparation, with College Board’s Advanced Placement Programs and more to ensure that each student is able to tailor their educational experience to their specific needs and interests. Students have the opportunity to build a customized schedule based on their academic interests and desired goals. This accommodating, well-rounded academic experience provides students the ability to develop their athletic talents alongside their academic proficiencies to reach their highest potential.

Staff Support

The administration, faculty, coaches and residential staff form the core of our academic support team, all of whom work to positively impact the academic, athletic, and character development of our student body. Our low teacher/student ratios help to meet the unique challenges of student-athletes. Thanks to our highly educated, dedicated teaching staff and to our highly skilled, committed Saddlebrook Golf and Tennis Academy coaches, every student comes away with a remarkable education and memorable experience.

Our Values

One of the three key principles of our High School program focuses on building character. At Saddlebrook Preparatory School, we believe that building character is an essential component of a well-rounded education and so provide various opportunities for students to develop themselves as good global citizens and upstanding community leaders. Our school-wide Core Values Program hosts lessons, events, and activities throughout the year focused on expanding the mind, building the body, and shaping the character. Our student organizations, such as Spartan Ambassadors and our National Honor Society, actively and consistently participate in philanthropic service throughout the year to give back to communities in need. Our student clubs, such as Student Council, host events and activities throughout the year to provide traditional high school experiences that promote bonds and memories that will last a lifetime.

College Planning Program

As a college preparatory school, we understand what it takes for our students to earn admittance to their choice of top-tier colleges and universities. We understand what is required for our students to participate in such highly competitive and high-stakes processes, and we work diligently with students and their families to ensure that they are thoroughly prepared. Upon enrollment to our school, every student enters our College Planning Program. Run by our esteemed College Planning Advisor, the program takes students through each step of preparing, planning, and applying to colleges and universities. Our College Planning Advisor monitors student progress through each step to provide individualized feedback and support. Through the College Planning Program, and in conjunction with our acclaimed academic and sports programs, we maintain a 100% acceptance rate for applicants with many of our students securing lucrative scholarships to their preferred institutions.

Safe With Us

Saddlebrook Preparatory School is a brick-and-mortar institution located within the award-winning, gated Saddlebrook Resort community. This safe, secure, and serene environment surrounded by native Florida landscaping, tranquil lagoons and pools, walkable stone paver pathways, and preeminent athletic training facilities is the ideal place to expand the mind, build the body, and shape the character. To further support our students and their families, we offer both boarding and non-boarding options.