Mission, Visions & Core Values

Saddlebrook Mission, Vision & Core Values

Founded as a public school in partnership with the School Board of Pasco County in 1992, Saddlebrook Preparatory transitioned to a private school in 1997. Student-athletes complete their high school education while continuing their training in tennis and golf and are routinely placed in collegiate athletic programs after graduation. The primary goals of Saddlebrook’s guidance and counseling are unique to each student-athlete, satisfying individual development needs both on the course or court and in the classroom.  


Saddlebrook Preparatory offers students an international environment that encourages creativity, curiosity and healthy competitiveness in a safe and supportive community. Our academic program, encompassing elementary through high school, offers small classes and innovative instruction that follows a college preparatory curriculum. Our school, working in partnership with the tennis and golf academies, strives to instill character and promote responsible citizenship. The student body assures a learning environment at Saddlebrook enriched by cultural diversity which encourages students to exchange ideas and forge a commitment to lifelong learning. 


Saddlebrook Academy will be a dynamic educational community that inspires optimal student achievement and fosters a thirst for knowledge. Our school’s efforts to expand the mind, build the body and shape the character will prepare students to meet the evolving challenges and high expectations of the 21st century. Graduates will become responsible and competent worldwide leaders who make a positive difference in their global communities. 

Core Value: Expanding the Mind

Saddlebrook Preparatory students pursue knowledge with curiosity and creative thinking. They build self-discipline and life-management skills that lead to future success, and they respect ideas and opinions that may conflict with their own through open-mindedness and cultural diversity.  

Core Value: Building the Body

Saddlebrook Preparatory students utilize strong work ethics and well-developed time-management skills to achieve their maximum athletic potential. 

Core Value: Shaping the Character

Saddlebrook Preparatory students develop mental toughness, persistence, dedication and ethics through the rigors of competition. They also promote compassion and respect for others, demonstrate leadership and service to the community, and strive for futures founded upon virtue. 

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