Saddlebrook Admissions Application & Requirements

Thank you for considering Saddlebrook Preparatory School for your child’s academic education. We follow a curriculum based on the Florida Sunshine State Standards in order to ensure that every student has met all academic requirements and has successfully completed all necessary coursework before receiving a Standard High School Diploma that would assist them in gaining admission to an accredited college or university.  

How to Apply

Our Saddlebrook Academy administrative staff is on hand to guide you through the application process. They will discuss all necessary forms and records necessary for consideration. They’re available to answer any questions you may have throughout the process and discuss eligibility certification as a prospective student-athlete wishing to compete at the collegiate level in the future.  

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Saddlebrook Preparatory School is an all-encompassing program which has everything to need to succeed in one place. Courts, courses, classrooms, and dorms all within walking distance make Saddlebrook truly a one of a kind institution. Live, learn, practice and find a home at Saddlebrook.

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International Students

We have streamlined the process for international students applying for admission to Saddlebrook Academy. Our administrative staff can guide you through the process, including what forms and records are necessary.  

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