Boarding at Our Tampa Prep School

Stay at Saddlebrook Prep

Our boarding program was designed with an attention to students involved in both the athletic and academic programs. Our students are always welcome to visit and use the fitness center and swimming pool at Lakeside Village. In addition, students take trips once a week to area grocery stores in order to purchase individual snacks and beverages for their rooms, or any incidental items they might want. Students will enjoy additional outings, including scheduled trips to the movies and the mall based on tournament schedules. A multitude of academic field trips are also planned for the year.

Students will find housing at our Tampa prep school in two-bedroom condominium units located onsite at the Saddlebrook Resort. Each unit contains a separate bath for each bedroom, a well-appointed living and dining area, a kitchen and a patio. Rooms are maintained by our professional resort maintenance staff. Students are provided with Saddlebrook bedcovers, however they may bring their own to personalize their bedding. Students are responsible for making their beds, doing their own laundry, and keeping their own space clean. Once a week, the Saddlebrook housekeeping staff replaces the linens and cleans the bathrooms and kitchen, as well as vacuuming each unit.

Boarding students must be in their boarding units by the following times:
Sunday –Thursday 9:30
Friday - Saturday 10:30 P.M.

Study Hall - Mandatory Study Hall takes place from 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM on Monday - Wednesday evenings. All boarding students must be in their rooms. No non-boarding visitors may be in boarding rooms without permission from an RA or the Student Services Coordinator. No TV or stereos may be on.

These rules are enforced by Resident Assistants (RA's), who also provide counseling, transportation, and supervisory services for our students. The RA's are overseen by the Supervisor of Boarding, who in turn reports to the Director of Student Affairs.

Emergency medical assistance is available to all students on a 24-hour basis by the resort's highly trained security staff. These men and women are trained in the lifesaving tactics of CPR and emergency first aid. Hospitals, walk-in clinics and specialists are all located safely and conveniently within a fifteen-mile radius of Saddlebrook Prep. Doctor visits can be easily scheduled through the school as needed.

The Saddlebrook Prep Student-Parent Handbook contains much information about life and academics and athletics at the school. The handbook will be distributed to students and parents upon their arrival. The handbook's contents include academic procedure and policy, as well as boarding rules and regulations. In addition, the student code of conduct will be explained to parents and students during orientation. It is each student's responsibility to read and understand the contents of the handbook. Students will sign a document acknowledging this.