Fitness & Mental Conditioning

Athlete Performance and Fitness:

The performance training program is committed to developing the complete athlete. We use a systematic approach to training that integrates the following components:

1. Movement - develop sport specific linear and multi-directional speed
2. Strength - develop entire spectrum of sport specific strength
3. Power - improve athlete's ability to produce explosive movements
4. Conditioning - develop proper energy systems to maximize sport specific workloads
5. Nutrition - guidelines to develop performance nutrition eating habits
6. Suppleness - apply proper flexibility components to maximize movement efficiency
7. Prehabilitation - address postural imbalances to decrease injury potential
8. Regeneration - establish methods to enhance recovery from training components

By engaging athletes in the educational component of training, we will provide them with a foundation for success in tennis. Periodic evaluations will be administered to ensure that the desired goals become realized.

For athletes desiring additional performance training, we offer elite training packages with the performance coaches. These packages are designed to meet the individual needs of each athlete. They can also utilize our fully equipped fitness center after program hours.

Mental Conditioning:

Mental preparedness is one of the most important aspects of any sport. Tennis specifically, is a sport that demands players to be consistent, accurate, resilient, and perseverant. As an individual sport, there is no team to look to and a player must rely on their own assets and mental toughness to fight through every point in every match.

At Saddlebrook Tennis we believe that in order to develop the complete player there must be a focus on mental conditioning. Fitness and technique alone are not enough to win consistently, a player must work to strengthen their emotional stability and have the ability to maintain, no matter what the circumstances, a confident and winning attitude.

Saddlebrook Tennis works with various professionals in the field of Sports Psychology. These professionals work with the athletes as well as the coaches to provide a thorough understanding of the importance of mental conditioning. Some of the issues addressed with the athletes are:

  • Dealing with obstacles (injury, weaknesses in your game, having an 'off' day)
  • Understanding that 'Image is Everything'
  • Developing a game plan on and off court
  • Goal Setting (long and short-term)
  • Exploiting your opponents weaknesses
  • Parenting a Junior Tennis Player