How to Apply

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for giving Saddlebrook Preparatory School the opportunity in assisting to further your child’s academic education. It is important to note that while your child is attending Saddlebrook Preparatory School, he or she will be following a curriculum that is based upon the Florida Sunshine State Standards. These standards have been developed in order to ensure that every student has met all academic requirements and has successfully completed all the necessary course work, before receiving a Standard High School Diploma that would assist him or her in gaining admission to an accredited College or University.

In an attempt to ensure that your child is provided with the appropriate course work needed to satisfy his or her secondary school academic requirements towards obtaining a Standard High School Diploma, and to provide him or her with initial eligibility certification as a prospective student-athlete wishing to compete as a freshmen at NCAA member institutions offering Division I or II athletics, there are several documents that are required to be submitted to the Office of Admissions of Saddlebrook Preparatory School - 5700 Saddlebrook Way, Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543-4499.

Out-of–State Students-Athletes must submit:

  • Official transcripts from all educational institutions the student has attended. Please make a list of all schools and contact the Office of Admissions, Registrars, or Records in each of the school. Transcripts should display official signatures and seal of the submitting school.
  • Each Secondary – School Course that the student has taken must have the course name, the course hours or minutes, and course credit achieved.
  • Transcripts must also indicate State and/or School Standardized Examinations that the student has taken.

Foreign (International) Student-Athletes must submit:

  • Original academic records (or certified [attested] copies of the original documents) and certified, literal English translations for records not originally in English sent (not faxed). Please note that detailed and complete records are required: Official records from all secondary and/or middle school attended. This includes any secondary and/or middle school coursework completed.
  • Academic records should show individual subjects studied, title of the subject (no course code or abbreviation), course hours and/or student hours achieved or completed in each course or subject, and the grades or marks received. Please note that if middle school or secondary school academic records do not clearly indicate the course or subject studied or their content, school syllabi of courses or descriptions of the curriculum must accompany the records, as well as official student attendance records with corresponding student schedules. In addition, any standardized examinations that the student has taken must also be submitted.
  • Literal English Translation Required: If the academic record is not in English, translation must be sent in addition to, not in lieu of (not in place of), the original record. The translation should be a literal translation, not an interpretive translation. Any transcripts, certificates, translations, or examinations results that appear to have been altered or are irregular will be forwarded to the appropriate country’s school authorities or examination board for verification.
  • All international student documents should be sent to the Office of Admissions of Saddlebrook Preparatory School by postal mail or express delivery (such as FedEx).

Acceptable Photocopy Procedures: If your original academic record is difficult to replace, the registrar, or other record keeping school official from the original issuing institution should make a photocopy of the student’s record and certify that it is the true copy of the original. This is done by placing the institution’s official seal or stamp and the signature of the certifying official on the document after photocopying it (Please do not send difficult-to-replace original documents). Records certified by lecturers, professors, tutors, or any other school official who does not hold primary responsibility for maintaining the academic records will not be accepted.