Golf Academy Post Graduate Training Program

Train, Sacrifice and Pursue Your Dreams

Saddlebrook Golf Academy has created a challenging yet flexible golf training program for graduating high school seniors. Students that desire to compete in college and need another year of advanced training should look no further. This program starts with an expansive golf evaluation that provides you with an honest overview of your current and potential skill levels. Saddlebrook also provides each student with an individualized and comprehensive college placement program.  
The ability to understand what is necessary to compete at the collegiate level is paramount. We will provide valuable insight so you can parallel your ability, scores and personal views with the colleges you are seriously considering.  Saddlebrook Golf Academy provides every student-athlete with the opportunity to improve their SAT scores, develop an understanding of your unique talents while lowering your tournament scoring average. Students in our full-time Post Graduate Program can enroll for either a semester or a full year program.

Performance and Effectively Scoring

Once you arrive you will be evaluated in each and every area of your game. Your unique strengths and areas for improvement will be discussed with your coach.  Currently we train some of the best junior players in the country. The ability to compete with excellent players will provide you with valuable input on your mental strength and strategic course management ability. Each week you will receive a detailed schedule with your individualized golf training program.

Saddlebrook College Placement Program

Saddlebrook Post Graduate Program provides each student-athlete with a unique College Placement Program (CPP).  Our CPP team works with each student-athlete to create a customized college pathway which allows each student-athlete to maximize time spent at Saddlebrook. All stakeholders meet regularly to plan out each student-athlete’s short-term and long-term athletic and collegiate goals. The College Placement Program team consists of academic counselors, student planners, coaches, and the student-athlete. Every post-graduate student-athlete is given options to enhance standardized test scores through non-credit coursework and tutorials in SAT/ACT Prep, ESOL, and other core classes in preparation for college admission. The CPP team collaborates with each golfer to develop their own set of goals and a blueprint to meet the athletic and/or academic requirements for their college acceptance.

Post Graduate Program Includes:

  • Thorough golf, fitness, and academic evaluations
  • Comprehensive college placement program
  • Organized Competition each and every day of the week
  • Detailed assessment of every area of your golf game
  • A fitness program with trainers who currently work with Elite and Professional  athletes
  • Daily Access to two difficult and beautifully manicured 18-hole Arnold Palmer designed golf courses
  • 16-Acre Golf Training Center and Range encompassing every element of the game
  • Food prepared by our own chefs. Meals will provide you with the proper nutrition for your extensive training and tournament schedule
  • Separate Housing for all of our Post-Graduate Students
  • Individualized competitive tournament schedule