Join Our Tampa Golf Academy

Saddlebrook Prep students take part in a high performance golf program giving them the opportunity to develop their total game including: technique, golf course management, competition, physical fitness and mental conditioning.

Training — Our Tampa golf academy offers the most comprehensive player development and instructional program anywhere. The Coaching team works with the students to develop a plan for each. Coaches play or are on the course with their group on a regular basis to work on course strategy. Students work with their same coach every day during each quarter. Their coaches are able to track student progress and focus on improving all aspects of their game with consistency through the use of video analysis and trackman technology.

Player Accountability — Students have a great opportunity to take their game to the next level but it will be up to them to reach their potential. Starting with their performance profile, students at Saddlebrook must constantly set goals for themselves using their training workbook and focus on achieving those goals. Additional tools such as tournament evaluations and mental skills training will help players become tougher competitors. It is up to each student to enter their scores in the shot by shot program for statistical analysis.

Player Analysis — Players at Saddlebrook Prep have the opportunity to compete on a daily basis with their peers. Playing golf among players of a similar age and ability level on a regular basis pushes them towards constant and consistent improvement. Our goal is for players to gain as much competitive experience as possible so they have the ability to perform at the highest level, leaving behind obstacles that have held them back in the past. Skill’s testing is used to evaluate players and work on weaknesses and will allow coaches to set measurable goals towards improvement.

Mental Conditioning — Saddlebrook Golf Academy offers each student an opportunity for both group and individual mental training. This is an integral part of our holistic golf training program. Our Mental Skills Coach has worked with Professional and amateur athletes.  Every month the student-athletes and their golf coaches work together to maintain and evaluate individualized programs. Because each player has different goals and objectives their mental strategies are unique to their personality and learning style.    
Our Mental Skills Coach coaches each player on mental toughness topics that are essential to optimizing their performance. Each semester there are different topics including:

  • Pre- and Post-Shot Routine
  • Self-Talk and Thought Management
  • Relaxation and Energizing Strategies
  • Goal-Setting and Decision Making