Tampa Golf Academy & Preparatory School Tuition & Fees

Improve Your Game

The tuition and fees for the 2017/2018 year of our Tampa golf academy are as follows:

Boarding Student-Athletes

Boarding & Meals $18,605
Golf Training $26,475
Academics $19,400
Total $64,875

*Non-Boarding Student-Athletes

Golf Training $26,475
Academics $19,400
Total $48,875

*Non-boarding program rates are subject to a $2,500 Resort Privilege Fee per year if you do not have a membership or live in resort managed rental housing.

International Students:
International Students will be charged an additional $800 due to the additional paperwork necessary and the increased cost of communication with parents and/or 3rd parties outside of the US.

Students needing ESOL will be charged $3,000.

Seniors & Postgraduate Students:
Seniors and Postgrads (US & International) will be charged a $800 college placement fee.


Personal Account Deposit for Boarders: $2,000.00
Personal Account Deposit for Non-Boarders: $1,000.00
Contingency Deposit for all students: $500.00
Laptop Deposit for International Boarders: $500.00