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Saddlebrook Prep 1999 graduate Prim Siripipat

Read article in by Saddlebrook Prep 1999 graduate Prim Siripipat. Prim came to Saddlebrook Prep in the 7th grade and came back a couple of years ago as the graduation speaker, sharing her experiences at Duke. Click here to read the article.

Testimonial from Guga Sa - a 10th grade student-athlete on his experiences at Saddlebrook Prep

Attending the Saddlebrook tennis and golf academy was the best experience I could ever want in my life. Like any other teenager I was quite nervous when I made my decision to go live alone in the United States to improve my tennis. Today I can say it was the best decision I ever made in my entire life. Instead of being a place where I waited so be more student and tennis player, I felt like I had a family here. Saddlebrook has students from all parts of the world, but it feels like all we did part of a community, even a family. Along with my colleagues, I learned to speak Spanish and improve my English while continuing with my Portuguese. It was an unforgettable experience, whereas the number of students is not great at Saddlebrook, I could earn more intimacy with each and make friendships that will surely last forever. The low number of students has a better education, considering that teachers can teach classes with only 3 students. During training of tennis is the same, the coaches have a maximum of 4 players per court, and often there are blocks with a coach and a player only. With this structure I and many other players can elevate their tennis to another level. Next to the tennis and several friendships that were made, I might as well live a completely different life to live in Brazil. The peace of the resort is something you can find in a few parts of the world, and many say that little can study and live in resort.

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National Signing Day!

Congratulations to Carter Bradford, Crimson Callahan, Tetsuya Ota, Jan Vrba, and Russell White on signing their commitments to a College Education!

Our student-athletes will graduate this June and will continue their education and play sports as follows:

  • Carter Bradford – George Mason University
  • Crimson Callahan – Western Kentucky University
  • Tetsuya Ota – Goucher College
  • Jan Vrba – Xavier University
  • Russell White – Stonehill College
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USTA's Fed Cup Community Event

Saddlebrook Preparatory tennis student-athletes enthusiastically took on roles as coaches for the community children that attended the Fed Cup Community Event, held on the afternoon of April 19th at Saddlebrook Resort. The SPS high school student-athletes instructed the children attendees on basic tennis fundamentals, and they  kept the energy level high for everyone involved. Saddlebrook Prep is proud of our tennis student-athletes for making the experience special for the children in our community.

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Saddlebrook-A-Thon competition

For the month of February, SPS students were placed into four "houses", comprised of 22 students each -from blended grade levels (grades 3 - 12). These houses competed in the following events for our annual Saddlebrook-A-Thon competition: designed 4'X6' house banners, designed and ordered their house t-shirts, participated in different themed dress-up days, competed in daily student team games, and competed in a  field day competition consisting of three sports (basketball, flag football, and soccer). During the evening of February 24th,  a competitive color run race throughout the resort was held, and a general spirit award- given to the team with the most house spirit- was awarded during our school-wide cookout.
The four houses and the mascots were as follows: the Laver House "Roos", the Federer House "G.O.A.T.'s", the Palmer House "Royals", and the Nicklaus House "Golden Bears".
The winning house for Saddlebrook-A-Thon - was the Nicklaus House- (see photos of yellow team).
For winning, the Nicklaus House team members maintain control of the Saddlebrook Cup, they get to paint and sign the coveted - Spartan Helmet, and they get their team picture taken- with all three items placed in the SPS main office trophy case. The Nicklaus House showed the most house spirit and won the Spirit Award, and that was the determining factor, which propelled them to an overall victory.
The daytime events of field day were a huge success with student and parent feedback making this the most-enjoyed, and organized, Saddlebrook-A-Thon in recent memory.
All the students, teachers, staff, and parent volunteers had a great time putting together this month long competition.
The SPS Administration would like to thank all those involved in making this a successful event.

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Francisco Cobo

Francisco Cobo

Congratulations to our own Saddlebrook Prep Fifth Grade student-athlete Francisco Cobo, Author and Illustrator of “Deffs Adventures” … Now Published and available for sale!

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Ashnaa Rao

Ashnaa Rao

Ashnaa Rao graduated from Saddlebrook Preparatory School – 2013-2014 Class. She is currently a Junior studying Public Health. She’s from Charlotte, NC. Her younger brother, Arkin Rao, is currently a Senior at Saddlebrook Preparatory School. He plays tennis as well.

Johns Hopkins women’s tennis junior Ashnaa Rao has won her second straight ITA Southeast Singles title on Monday. Her win earns her a berth at the 2015 USTA/ITA National Small College Championship and garners her All-America honors. Click here for more information!

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Florida Gators vs Old Miss

The No. 25 seeded Gators upset the No. 3 seeded Ole Miss – 38-10. Over ninety thousand people attended the game on October 3rd.