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Saddlebrook Prep 1999 graduate Prim Siripipat

Read article in by Saddlebrook Prep 1999 graduate Prim Siripipat. Prim came to Saddlebrook Prep in the 7th grade and came back a couple of years ago as the graduation speaker, sharing her experiences at Duke. Click here to read the article.

Testimonial from Guga Sa - a 10th grade student-athlete on his experiences at Saddlebrook Prep

Attending the Saddlebrook tennis and golf academy was the best experience I could ever want in my life. Like any other teenager I was quite nervous when I made my decision to go live alone in the United States to improve my tennis. Today I can say it was the best decision I ever made in my entire life. Instead of being a place where I waited so be more student and tennis player, I felt like I had a family here. Saddlebrook has students from all parts of the world, but it feels like all we did part of a community, even a family. Along with my colleagues, I learned to speak Spanish and improve my English while continuing with my Portuguese. It was an unforgettable experience, whereas the number of students is not great at Saddlebrook, I could earn more intimacy with each and make friendships that will surely last forever. The low number of students has a better education, considering that teachers can teach classes with only 3 students. During training of tennis is the same, the coaches have a maximum of 4 players per court, and often there are blocks with a coach and a player only. With this structure I and many other players can elevate their tennis to another level. Next to the tennis and several friendships that were made, I might as well live a completely different life to live in Brazil. The peace of the resort is something you can find in a few parts of the world, and many say that little can study and live in resort.