Strategic Plan

The framework of Saddlebrook Preparatory School's academic programs reinforces our Mission, Vision, and Ten Core Values.


  • Enhance recruitment methods to attract and admit the best possible students.
  • Continue to provide faculty professional development in appropriate fields.
  • Increase to 100% the number of faculty actively pursuing or maintaining Florida professional teacher certification.
  • Communicate the vision and organize resources to implement the Common Core State Standards.
  • Continue to align curriculum, instruction, and assessment policies/practices to implement the Common Core State Standards.
  • Maintain professional learning opportunities to implement the Common Core State Standards.
  • Build accountability for implementing the Common Core State Standards.


  • Reinforce the academic curriculum with real-world experiences that enhance learning for college and career readiness and applications to enhance learning and optimize our students' chances of succeeding in global academic environments.
  • Continue to develop and implement strategies across the curriculum to address critical reading, writing and thinking skills.
  • Expand and strengthen Informational Literacy (IL) instruction for all students and teachers.


  • Continue professional development programs for faculty through ongoing in-service training.
  • Enhance level of instruction through consistent application of best practices.


  • Provide assistance to students and parents throughout the college application process and expose students to a variety of careers.
  • Raise student awareness of academic and personal/social development.
  • Meet the specific personal needs of students through classroom guidance activities, small group counseling, and individual counseling.


  • Enhance learning and optimize our students' chances of succeeding in academic environments through technological infrastructure and providing appropriate server capacity for use of digital media.
  • Reinforce academic endeavors with appropriate technological aids.
  • Increase our students' chances of success in the current environment of online teaching and learning tools by providing interactive and collaborative technologies for use in class and completing homework assignments.
  • Continue to develop and increase usage of teaching and learning technology already in place.